Plans for Air Shipment Service from Salem to Madras

Trujet, the Hyderabad-based Turbo Megha Airways, operative flight service to Salem, plans to introduce shipment service within the Salem – Madras sector shortly.
From Madras the shipment are going to be upraised to the opposite centres of prominence by the connecting Trujet flights on identical day.Airport officers aforementioned the proposal is in a very preliminary stage.

According to Trujet sources here, ab initio it’ll begin the shipment service by lifting the traveler articles. Later, shipment services are often distended for putrescible things.

“The airlines has already received enquiries from totally different considerations from the western districts on the introduction of shipment service ever since the introduction of the flight in Salem – Madras sector on Annunciation Day underneath the regional property theme of UDAN (Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagarik),” the sources aforementioned.

K. Mariappan, president of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and business, Salem, aforementioned the Chamber has been pressing for air shipment service for several years, because the district features a sensible potential of airlifting flowers, vegetables, fruits etc.

Salem shrub is as known as ‘Madurai Malli’ and a large amount of shrub from totally different components of the district is being transported to Benguluru flying field by road, from wherever they were airlifted to metropolis, Hyderabad and Kolkata wherever they need sensible market throughout the year, Mr. Mariappan aforementioned. Similarly, the samangi flowers also are raised in a very massive space in Kolathur and Mettur blocks except for the villages of Poosaripatti, Thinnapatti, and Pannapatti encompassing Kaamalapuram flying field. They, too, may be airlifted anew daily.

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